What is easypsim ?

easypsim is the easiest to use situation management solution on the market today, its focus on intuitive operation and powerful features provide the tools for handling security related incidents effectively. 





What does easypsim do for me?

Improves job satisfaction, reduces costs and improves security, just to name a few. easypsim provides many advantages, depending on what your function is.





Save money with easypsim ?

easypsim constantly looks at how cost can be reduced over the whole life cycle of a PSIM software solutions, from installation, daily operation, through to change management (maintenance).



Swiss made software

easypsim has been fully developed in Switzerland ensuring quality and reliability.

Highest usability

The intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to work with. 

User training in less than 15 minutes

The user gets quickly familiarized. No costly trainings, no thick manuals to read. 

Global PSIM Award 2013

Awarded with PSIM Award by Frost & Sullivan for having the highest usability on the market.




Click to see a short video about easypsim